Services & Offerings

Mindfulness Coaching:

Jesse has been teaching and coaching people in mindfulness to help them to increase compassion and well-being, change their relationship to stress, and cultivate healthier habits of the mind for the past 12 years through individual, couple, family, group, schools, organizations, and mindfulness presentations and workshop sessions. Some clients who are already receiving psychotherapy from Jesse or other clinicians have sought Jesse out to learn mindfulness to support them with the work that they are doing in therapy. Other clients want to learn mindfulness to help manage such stressors as work, relationships and roles, health challenges, and life circumstances. And other clients want to learn mindfulness to help them to move to another level of well-being and to support themselves in cultivating greater self-awareness and accessing their own inner wisdom for their life path. Sessions are tailored toward the individual needs of clients, families, schools, and workplaces.

One option is to receive a series of 6-8 sessions either weekly or every other week for a half-hour or an hour to learn the basics of mindfulness and how to begin to establish one’s own mindfulness practice. Clients may then opt for additional sessions as needed to support them in how to continue to apply mindfulness in their lives and with specific circumstances or issues they may be struggling with, or to receive guidance around deepening their practice of mindfulness.

Fees for individual and family mindfulness coaching are $60 for a half hour and $100 for an hour.


Jesse is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) with a Masters in Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy and Practice. He has been practicing social work for 22 years, including work in hospitals, foster care, 20 years in inner-city public and private schools, and 12 years as a psychotherapist in private practice. Jesse has been trained in Contextual Therapy, Family and Play Therapy, Sandtray Therapy, EMDR, and mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral approaches. He uses an eclectic approach to helping his clients achieve their goals.

“I sought out Jesse for private therapy because of his certification in mindfulness as a therapeutic approach. Even now, I return to the peaceful space created at the center for both private therapy and community mindfulness practice a couple of times of a month. Having Jesse’s help as I heal in the ways of mindfulness (compassion, gratitude, loving-kindness, breath) has been transforming and I will be forever grateful to the person that recommended him to me as well as deeply appreciative of his calm and gentle manner of support. With that in mind, I pass along that gift to you. Please reach out to Jesse if you find yourself in need.”

— Ann W.

Jesse provides, individual, couple, family, and group therapy and works predominantly with adults, teens, and children 10 and up. Jesse is an out-of-network therapist, so although he does not take insurance directly, he can issue a statement that clients can submit to their insurance for whatever reimbursement their plan provides for out of network therapy. Fee for services is sliding scale based on annual household income and ranges from $110-$130 per hour. 

Jesse is committed to social justice, equity and inclusion, educating himself around issues of oppression and privilege, and working to help change systemic and institutional racism and other forms of oppression and discrimination.

Currently, due to Covid, Jesse is providing sessions virtually and in organizations.